I Don’t Want To Be A Bond Girl

He’s smart and sexy. He is mysterious. He is a 007. Can you keep him? Does anyone ever get to keep a James Bond Type? You will either get killed half way through or he will dump you for someone who has a gun hidden in her shape wear. What is it like to be a Bond Girl? Well, you will be beautiful and sexy and brave. You get to ride in planes and boats and make love on beds in exotic locations. He will do all he can to save you, but he won’t love you. Why do the James Bond’s of the world not keep the girls who jumped out of planes and off trains with him? Because he was written that way. Do you really want to be with a Bond who wants to dodge bullets and blow up large objects? I don’t. I have been watching Bond movies all weeks. I wonder why can’t he fall in love. He likes to make love, but he is not wanting to keep even one of these girls as companion. Bond can’t have a companion because he is a spy and he needs to be able to go out and seek adventure. Do any of the bond women miss him when he is gone? I would can you imagine you spent a few days or weeks with this incredible man who leaves you and the bond music starts and all you can do is rewind?


One thought on “I Don’t Want To Be A Bond Girl

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